ZRP Milking the informal traders

The latest lockdown extension by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has opened new avenues for Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to continue milking the public.

Most informal traders who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity claimed that police officers who are patrolling Harare CBD are forcing the closure of shops sighting lockdown measures.

However, in his statement, President Mnangagwa said informal traders could open their businesses if they meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

“We have been forced to close the shop by police, but we have all the necessary measures in place”, said a shop owner who refused to be named.

Several shop owners also claimed that they have remained open after paying bribes to the police.

“We were allowed to open after paying some bribes to the officers, initially we were told to close”, said the shop owner who also refused to be named.

The latest lockdown restrictions have been met with mixed reactions with informal traders saying they are the most affected as they can no longer afford to pay rentals.

Josphat Chimuti, a vendor said it was cruel for the government to continue locking down the country without mitigating them.

“INI ndoda kuona mkuru wenyika ndimuedze nekuti tarwadziwa( I want to see the President because we have suffered)”, said Chimuti.

The latest lockdown is expected to end in March.

Meanwhile yesterday the country started rolling out the vaccine which has been declared safe by health officials.

Source – Shelton Muchena


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