Zimbabwe teachers now the least paid civil servants

Teachers are worried about the difference between their salaries and those of other civil servants such as the armed forces after noticing that they have become the least paid among the government workers.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe President Takavafira Zhou in a statement said after the deferment of the reopening of schools due to our herculean resistance against ill-informed intentions to prematurely open schools by Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education officials and some yellow teacher union leaders irrigating their pants, there are several fault lines that need our collective scrutiny.

“A major fault line is the issue of serious discrepancies in salaries received by teachers in comparison to other sectors particularly the police, soldiers, University Lecturers and top civil servants,” Zhou said.

“We are all aware that at entry point teachers’ salaries were slightly higher than that of police and soldiers and one-third of salaries received by University Lecturers. As such, giving teachers $1200 as 50 per cent covid 19 allowance, soldiers and the police $5000 to $9000, University Lecturers $19000 to $33000, top civil servants $25000 to $40000, baffles logic and common sense. Consequently, teachers received salaries ranging from $3800 to $4500 whereas police and soldiers received salaries ranging from $10 000 to $18000, top civil servants $50000 to $80000 and lecturers would receive salaries ranging from $38 000 to $66 000.”

He said while they do not begrudge these salaries, they certainly need an explanation from the government as teachers in order to understand its selective forgetfulness.


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