YEAR 2002 gave birth to one of the best musical duos to ever emerge from our local music industry.

The duo started with the love song Chirangano which captivated a lot of music lovers and many people fell in love with their combination.

The two musicians became more than just music partners and shared a special relationship since the inception of their union musically. They were mostly spotted together at different functions and places.

Like a normal relationship that faces betrayal and deception, the two overcame all those tests as it is alleged that they once fought over a woman in 2008.

Till today, Willom Tight and Dino Mudondo are still good friends, and they are both in South Africa pursuing their musical dreams.

H-Metro ENTERTAINMENT reporters EDWIN NHUKARUME and SHINGIRIRAYI MUGODI – (HM) – reached out to Willom Tight (WT) and Dino Mudondo (DM) from their bases in South Africa for an interview to share about their relationship.

NB: The two artistes answered separately the same questions.

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HM: How would you best describe your relationship?

WT: Dino is my younger brother. A very good and super talented young man.

DM: Once a brother will always be a brother like the saying goes. Growing up I was inspired by so many great artistes like Andy brown, Tendai Mupfurutsa, Fortune Muparutsa, Newman Chipendo, Simon Chimbetu, Oliver Mtukudzi, Tongai Moyo, Progress Chipfumo and so sad some of my Zim great mentors are now late but I remember visiting them to do demo tapes and seek for some advice.

But the greatest of them all became Willom Tight mainly because we just clicked from day one something I can term Godly, a perfect combination made in heaven that is why Dino and Willom will forever be the best duo out of Zimbabwe Music history.

Dino Mudondo

HM: Your combination released good songs and hits like Chirangano, what was the magic behind your collaboration?

WT: The magic behind it was each man was doing his part. Dino was doing his part and I was doing my part. It was just like merging two wings for a bird to fly and you know Dino is talented. He was operating on his wing while I also did the same so we flew just like that.

DM: It’s like in a relationship when two people meet, click and meant to be together, the fruits of their combination get ripe easily. With no much labour, whatever we touched together would just turn into gold, effortlessly we would put a magical performance and leave everyone with a wow on their faces.

We blended so perfectly hence hits like Bhazi, Chirangano, Paidamoyo and Makoikoi were created and are now classics.

HM: When and how did you meet?

WT: We met at Jazz 105. Dino came to me and told me about his music. He told me about a song he was recording and wanted me to be part of it. He took me to the car and played the song so I could hear it. And the song was Chirangano.

Then I agreed and he called his manager about the money I should get for my service so I could be on the song.

Then we sealed the deal with his manager. The next day we went into the studio and I did the intro and the chants, then the song was done.

By then I was busy with my band at Tight Family. I didn’t even know when Dino released the song and how it was doing just soon after I did the recording. Dino tried to call me but I was busy out there with my band, I would leave home on Thursday and come back on Sunday or Monday. I was ever busy every weekend. He would try to call and hook up with me but I was very busy.

The song Chirangano got popular and into the charts but I wasn’t aware it was doing that great because of the nature of my work and shows I was doing those days.

So one day, while I was having a gig out of Harare, I don’t remember the city but it must have been between Mutare and Masvingo. I told the audience that I am now playing the last song, usually the song I used close the show at that time was Ndinoda Wangu Wekumaruzevha, but the fans said please before you play the song can you perform the song Chirangano. I was surprised and had to ask my bassist that which song is Chirangano. That is when it to light to me that our song together with Dino was making waves in the country.

From there I called him to join the Tight Family band as a backing vocalist. And at the end of our gigs were closing with Chirangano and Wekumaruzevha. Then we started working on other tracks and all the collabos we did. That is how we met.

Willom Tight

DM: I met Willom in 2002 when I had just done my very first single called Makorokoto which became an instant hit and was accompanied with a lovely video. As a young artiste I didn’t know what it meant to have a number 1 song play all over the country and that is when my producer Delani Makhalima called and explained to me why I needed to be back in the studio son and do another song so people won’t label or think of me as a one hit wonder.

I agreed and booked for a session, on the recording day while I was still maintaining the Makorokoto style with a rumba feel in it. Sir Simon Chimbetu walked into the studio and watched me doing some writings and listened to me while Delani was trying to come up with a beat. He then stopped us and called me and said Dino I loved the Makorokoto song the very first time I heard it being played on radio but I think you are more of reggae singer than rumba, your sweet female like vocals would do better if you sing lovers rock.

I listened and left the studio for a later recording date to give myself time to change the song Chirangano which I had penned for my childhood sweetheart who was leaving the country to study abroad. It took me a day or two to master the song to a reggae vibe.

After we recorded the song I went back to mukoma Sam he was impressed but said go and find Major E and Buka T to spice it up with some chants. When I went back to the studio and told Delani he said there is another good artiste who can get the job done and the person was Willom.

We contacted Willom and I remember our very first meeting was at Jazz 105. Told him about my project and went into my car to feel the song and he loved it just like that. We paid him $15000 to feature on the song and the recording was as easy as ABC. We created a hit and it also made us the best buddies and we started touring across the country together and people jus loved us.

HM: It is believed since you started working together your bond grew, even your wives could visit each other and you were always seen together. What made you to be good friends and close to each other?

WT: Yes we became family. And our wives yes they did visit each other during the weekends and giving each other recipes to cook for the visitors.

What made us so close is because we had created a good relationship at work and we had clicked well.

We also had some common things like the type of music we liked. We all like reggae, I grew up listening to reggae and he likes reggae, though I am into jazz but reggae is one of the things that made us click.

DM: Being a first born in my family, in Willom I found a big brother someone who was also willing to teach me all the tricks and games of our music Industry, and because we would spend almost every day together, our families also became close and I would visit his home with my family and he would also do the same.

Now we are happy to see our rising star Gary Tight doing so well but mwana akakura achitonditi daddy Dino bamudiki in shona. Ndichitomuti bvisa madzihwa ndakaona pamashops kachindimhanyira kachiti variapoo…….

HM: Are both of your families still having that bond they used to have like visiting each other?

WT: Now that we are here in South Africa and families have grown and children are grown ups. They also now have some other friends.

So things have changed. Mai Gary now has children now in their 20s, the girl is now 22 and Gary is now 25. So there has been a lot of developments. I don’t know now, maybe they could be still calling each other. But like people who each other I think they do communicate on their mobile phones.

DM: Yes we are still one family, my ex-wife and Mai Gary communicate. I speak and also give advice to Gary, so he often calls and say mdhara dakudayidayi ndoita sei and I advise when I can. Recently we spoke and he said mdhara I’ve always wanted to do a remix of your classic track ndichakumirira and I said go ahead sonny and I am so proud of him, he did justice to the track which is my ringing tone now.

Dino Mudondo

HM: In 2006 both of you parted ways musically, do you think it was a wise decision since after you separated you didn’t make impact as compared to when you were together?




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