VIDEO: Drama As Ants Attack Slay Queen While Shooting Nude photos In A Bush

Some women are busily toiling to earn a living,others prefer to use their bodies to make money rather than work.

This is why a video of a ‘brainless’ and well endowed slay queen has gone viral on the internet.

The slay queen from Mombasa, who is a popular face in dating sites where she hawks flesh and sells nudes to s3x starved men, went to the forest to take naked photos and it turned out to be a bad day in ‘office’.

As she was pulling some stunts in the forest while half-naked, ants emerged from nowhere and spoilt the party.

The flesh peddling slay queen had to run to a safer place after the ants started devouring her legs.

Since it was shared on Wednesday, the video has gathered over 30,000 views, and people were left with a case of the giggles.

Watch Video Below:


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