‘Vampire’ terror in Gwanda

DO vampires exist?

According to legend, they are evil mythological beings which feed on blood and can morph into a bat or wolf. Most people associate vampires with movies or Count Dracula, the legendary, blood-sucking subject of Bram Stoker’s epic novel, Dracula, which was published in 1897.

Tell that to villagers from Makwe area, Ward 8 about 40km west of Gwanda Town in Matabeleland South who have lost more than 57 goats in one month to what they believe is a nocturnal creature that sucks the blood out of their livestock and leaves two puncture/teeth marks on their necks.

Some villagers believe the teeth marks and the fact that the creature leaves no tracks, are sure signs that a vampire is on the loose in the village.

Isolated incidents were first recorded in 2018 but a pattern developed over the months, culminating in increased killings that have spread fear in the community.

The palpable terror in the village has been magnified by superstition as some villagers believe they are dealing with goblins or some supernatural force from the underworld.

Others think a strange cat-like being is responsible after it reportedly attacked a woman and her children at their home one night.

A villager who said he was a wildlife expert told Chronicle there was no known animal species in the area that could inflict the deep tooth marks found on dead livestock.


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