Top cops caught with hands in cookie jar

ROGUE law enforcement agents operating at Chiadzwa diamond fields are being used as couriers to transport stolen diamonds from the area, with two Mutare Central District senior police officers recently arrested over the illegal activities, The Manica Post has learnt. Illegal diamond syndicates have allegedly enlisted the services of rogue cops to transport the loot through roadblocks to circumvent tight security check points at the diamond mining area.

A source close to the dealings said the cops involved have amassed great wealth overnight, with some of them buying houses and posh vehicles from the proceeds of the illegal activities.

The Manica Post understands that last week’s arrest of two senior detectives who are attached to the Minerals, Fauna and Flora Unit is just a tip of an iceberg of the illegal enterprise going on at Chiadzwa. Joseph Mlambo, an Assistant Inspector; and Felix Machaka, an Inspector who is also Officer-In-Charge of the Minerals, Fauna and Flora Unit, have since been hauled before Mutare magistrate, Ms Prisca Manhivi, on charges of possessing precious stones, resisting arrest and trying to obstruct the course of justice


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