Singer bashed by lover over video

Rising Afro fusion singer, Michael “Naiza Boom” Machiona, was reportedly bashed by his girlfriend over his new video titled Tingori 2.

Naiza Boom’s video features models whom his lover identified as Egness had problems with.

Naiza Boom

In the video, Naiza Boom is seen kissing a beautiful model, Sontana.


Upon seeing the video,  Egness is said to have attacked him with her shoes on the head.

Naiza said:

Naiza Boom and his lover Egness

“I understand her, its normal for her to act that way because she is still learning about me and the demands of the arts industry.


“I will be patient with her until she fully understands my work. We went for a counselling session over the issues.

Video scenes

“She is now beginning to understand my work and the kissing was not even real, it was just a video-edited in order to give the theme a bold meaning.”

Egness regrets her actions:


“I feel ashamed for my actions but I got angry and acted.

Video scenes

“I want to apologise to the whole team especially Sontana and NB Films (Musha wemacomedy) crew.


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