. . residents allege blanket talked

Shelly Guni

There was drama in Chitungwiza yesterday over a dumped new blanket which many pointed to use of juju.

Such was the drama that some said they had heard the blanket talking but this could not be proved as it lay still when H-Metro arrived in Zengeza 2 where the incident occurred.

Some of the eye witnesses who spoke to H-Metro said they suspected use of juju and goblins

“I saw the blanket in Chikwana in the morning. There was a man who was selling this blanket, he was wearing a green t-shirt.

“He was saying he picked the blanket somewhere near Chikwana.

“He sold it (blanket) to an unidentified lady and that is when the blanket started talking.

“The woman who took the blanket was saying she wanted to sell the it to some illegal gold miners (makororokoza) in Mazowe,” the so called eyewitness said.

Word was making rounds that the blanket had indicated that it had found resting place in the woman who had bought it.

It is alleged the woman heard the blanket saying: “Waita hako wandizorodza mwana wamai.” and that prompted the woman to return it.


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