Sanctions will not hold us back: President

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has described as “heinous” sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West, the UK, and the US, but vowed the restrictive measures would not hold Zimbabwe back.

Early this month, the UK imposed fresh sanctions against four Zimbabwe security chiefs accusing them of human rights violations.

The new sanctions include a travel ban and asset freeze on Owen Ncube, Minister for State Security; Isaac Moyo, Director General of the Central Intelligence Organisation, Godwin Matanga, Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, and Anselem Sanyatwe, former Brigadier General, Commander of the Presidential Guard and Tactical Commander of the National Reaction Force.

Sanyatwe is now Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Tanzania.

The president said the government remains vigilant as Zimbabwe is still under illegal sanctions, but this would also not hold it back.

He was addressing mourners at the burial of the late Douglas Nyikayaramba, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Mozambique.

“Be that as it may, we cannot allow those heinous sanctions to hold us back. We have enough resources in our country; we have several nations of goodwill to partner. We must stay on course and focus on our efforts until we defeat these sanctions,” said Mnangagwa.

He said Zimbabwe was on an economic recovery path and the situation was “improving and stabilizing”.

“The situation is gradually improving and stabilizing. Various indicators are pointing towards recovery and positive growth.

He went on to urge Zimbabweans “resist to be used as willing tools by those advancing myopic, narrow and alien agendas burnt to slow down and reverse our gains of Independence. We are a united, caring, and peace-loving people.”

Source – Bulawayo24


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