Prophet Freddy strikes again

Televangelist-cum-musician Prophet Tapiwa Freddy says he sees no harm in gospel musicians joining forces with secular musicians for a good cause.

The preacher, who stirred controversy following leaked footage of his video Rest in Peace, a mock funeral, told Standard Style that both secular and gospel musicians serve similar purposes — informing and entertaining.

On Thursday, Prophet Freddy will release his fifth album titled Area 1 through a virtual concert that will be supported by a galaxy of artistes, including Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi, Freddy Manjalima, aka Kapfupi, Agatha Murudzwa, Andy Muridzo, Vabati VaJehovha, DJ Shugetta, Mai TT and Enock Chisale, among others.

“l don’t see anything wrong in working with secular musicians as long it’s for a good cause,” Prophet Freddy said.

Prophet Freddy has worked on a number of projects with secular musician Baba Harare.

“l do music out of passion and I always tell people that I am not a full-time musician, I put ministry work first,” he said.

Just recently the preacher had a picture of him in a coffin that went viral, which was subsequently followed by the release of the video of the song Rest in Peace, one of the tracks on the album.

Prophet Freddy said both incidents were not deliberate, but circumstances compelled him to promptly release the video.

“Rest in Peace came earlier because some pictures were leaked on social media, so I had to release it earlier because a lot of people thought l was dead,” he said


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