Oil Castor Boss admits dupping Miss Rural Africa

Oil Castor Zimbabwe Co-Founder Alvaro Arellano has finally admitted that he duped winner of Miss Rural Pageant  Beauty Contest held in May.

He said he used the pageant to market his Oil Castor business in the country.

The beauty contests were meant to empower rural girls and were held via Castor Oil Zimbabwe’s official Facebook platform.

Images of contestants named #1, 2#, 3#,4#,5#,6# were posted to make people vote by liking thier favorite.

The winner of the contest was to be determined by the number of likes clicked on the social media platform.

Winner’s annunciation was to be done on 1st June 2020, accompanied by a hefty US$10 000 prize and a brand ambassadorship contract with Oil Castor Zimbabwe.

However, Oil Castor Zimbabwe’s Facebook page suddenly disappeared at a time when Miranda Ncube a teen from Matebeland was almost acclaimed winner of the beauty pageant.

“Yes, Oil Castor we deleted our official Facebook Page Account and we canceled the contests. Some of the allegations you hear from people are true,” Alvaro Arellano confided to a journalist.

Arellano had to bribe the contestence after realizing his scrupulous deals were prone to be exposed in the media.

According to Arellano he used the pageant to market his company Oil Castor in the name of Miss Rural Africa.

“Yes that is a phase happened sometime ago but I want more beauty contests to help market my Castor Oil Company,” he added.

President Mnangagwa recently urged players in public and private sectors to desist from all forms of corruption. Meanwhile Oil Castor Zimbabwe has come under fire from members of the public for deceiving the girl child.

Source – Online


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