Name commission to run Harare: Residents

A proposal has been put forward to allow Harare City Council to be run temporarily by a commission, amid reports that the Government was seriously considering the option following the arrest of top city officials and Mayor Herbert Gomba after being implicated in land scams.

Residents groups are also pushing for the Government to appoint the commission, which they say is long overdue as a result of deep-rooted corruption that has seen allegations of councillors conniving with management to prejudice council.

Harare has seen commissions in the past, the latest under Sekesai Makwavarara.

Highly placed sources that attended a meeting between Local Government and Public Works Ministry and the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe in Harare yesterday said Government had hinted at appointing a commission for Harare.

“The arrest of council officials over the past weeks and that of Gomba this week has left Government pondering appointing a commission.

“The city fathers are being blamed for conniving with management instead of being the watchdogs,” said the source.


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