Mukandi killer committed to prison

The man who was convicted of causing the death of businessman and professional biker Shingi Mukandi was committed to prison to serve his sentence after being a fugitive since October last year.
The convict Alfred Machipisa, was released on bail pending appeal at the High Court which was dismissed and had been on the run since.

He was arrested upon return at the Robert Mugabe International Airport as he returned from South Africa and was in self-isolation for two weeks.

Machipisa, who was found guilty of causing the socialite’s death in a hit and run accident along Harare drive, was released on bail pending appeal at the High Court before he became a fugitive of justice.

A warrant of arrest was issued against him on October 21 last year by provincial head magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro after the High Court upheld the ruling of the lower court that he was guilty.

In 2018, State prosecutor Isheanesu Mhiti proved that Machipisa failed to exercise due caution before and after the accident that saw Mukandi’s body landing 50 meters from the point of impact while his motorbike landed 153 meters away.

He was sentenced to 48 months in prison and 12 months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offense to culpable homicide in the next five years making it 36 months effective.

Machipisa was facing one count of culpable homicide and three counts of contravening the Road Traffic in which he failed to stop, call the police and render assistance after bumping into Mukandi, who was a professional biker.

For the three counts, he was ordered to pay $400 or face 50 more days in prison.
When giving the sentence, the presiding magistrate Edwin Marecha said Machipisa deserved to be punished for gross negligence.

“Errant drivers cause untold suffering to the families of those who lose their loved in such accidents, and if he is not given a custodial sentence for such gross negligence, it will send a wrong signal to members of the public.”


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