Mob justice for rape attempt thieves

TWO MEN who allegedly robbed a cook and attempted to rape her suffered deep cuts on their bodies after they were thrashed by members of the public.

According to a source, Gilbert Mushayavanhu and Lungisani Sibanda ambushed Ayanda Madlawuzo (22) a cook at Siphilanzima Bar, Hope Fountain, on the outskirts of Bulawayo while she was leaving the shop.

The source said the two suspects hatched a plan on how to attack their prey. Gilbert allegedly grabbed the cook and reportedly took US$50.

The source said, soon after that he grabbed her and tore her skirt during the tussle. His partner in crime, the source said, emerged from the bush and tripped Madlawuzo who screamed for help.

To her luck members of the public swiftly responded to her screams and found the two trying to take off her undergarment.

“Members of the public descended on the pair. They took turns to beat them all over their bodies with sticks,” said the source.


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