SISTER to Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli says she was shocked by a birthday cake for the late fitness trainer and socialite on Saturday evening.

Moana died in a horrific road accident on Sunday morning while making her way to Domboshava from the birthday party hosted by Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure at his Dreams nightclub.

The late Moana and her sister, Tatenda Gudza

Ginimbi, who was driving the Rolls Royce, was one of four people to die in the horror crash along “Borrowdale Road” following a failed attempt to overtake two cars on way to Domboshava.

Tatenda Gudza told Daily News on Tuesday that the birthday cake was one of strange things that happened in the few hours leading to the accident.

Tatenda “reluctantly” attended the birthday celebrations.


“The birthday cake was in the form of a human body. What shocked me was that she (Moana) chose to eat the heart part of the cake.

“She told us that she was just interested in eating her heart. I questioned her about the meaning of this and she told me it was just for fun,” she told Daily News.

The late Ginimbi

Looking back, Tatenda claims she tried to get her sister to cancel the party.


“She came from South Africa where she was staying with her fiancée for the birthday. Her fiancée okayed the trip. When she arrived in the country, she was a completely changed or different person. I grew up with Moana and I know all her traits. I know her as a nice and caring sister who believed in working hard for the family, but on this day, she was moody and difficult to deal with or understand.


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