Man says he avoided all forms of temptation with wife before marriage

A man with the Twitter name Trevor Sheatz has shown the world that there are still people who do not get intimate with their women before marriage. In a post on Monday, August 24, he said he told his wife, Ashley, he would never kiss her until their wedding day. Trevor said that he did that because he wanted to have a relationship of purity that is devoid of any temptation.

He added that the main reason he did it was that he wanted their relationship to be as Christ wanted it. In his final sentence, he added that they both had their first kiss ever on their wedding day as he shared the photos of the ceremony. He tweeted: “From day one of our relationship, I told Ashley that I didn’t want to kiss her until wedding day. I wanted to walk in purity and avoid any potential temptations. I wanted our relationship to honour Christ. Well, here’s the glorious moment from last week of our first kiss ever!” The post garnered many reactions from social media users as they praised him for walking in the light of what his religion commands. Read more:


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