Lusaka Pastor rejects Amai Busa saying she’s too old for him

A 34-YEAR-OLD Pastor of Lusaka this week caused laughter in the Kanyama Local Court as he begged to be divorced from his 40-year-old wife because she is too old for him.

Anthony Musonda, pastor of Miracles by Faith Pentecostal Church no longer wants be married to Lucy Mweemba.

But ‘Amai Busa’ has rejected Pastor Musonda’s attempt to divorce her saying he has wasted her time and reduced her chances of getting married again.

According to court documents, the two got married in January, 2018 under traditional law with K4000 dowry partially paid.

Pastor Musonda narrated that he had initially taken in Lucy and her four children to help them out after she was divorced from her previous marriage due to her infidelity.

The clergyman explained that after moving in with him, Lucy began to seduce him by wearing revealing clothes that exposed her thighs and in the process tempted him to propose marriage to her.

Pastor Musonda said Lucy however rejected his marriage proposal.

In her defense Lucy denied ever seducing Musonda, saying that it was because of him that her previous marriage ended.

Lucy said she had been in a love affair with Pastor Musonda when she was still married to her former husband who divorced her upon discovering their adulterous relationship.

In ruling in the matter, presiding Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala granted divorced and ordered Pastor Musonda to pay Lucy K3000 as compensation for wasting her time.

Credit: The Lusaka Sun


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