1614: The country has been under level 4 lockdown since January 5 this year. President Mnangagwa is expected to update the nation on lockdown measures soon.

1631: President Mnangagwa begins address

He noted the decline in infections, hospitalisations and fatalities. Urged the nation to remain on guard. He says Government has introduced vaccination with the first phase targeting front line workers. He promises that more vaccines are coming. Thanked the Chinese government for donating 400 000 doses of vaccines adding that 600 000 more vaccines will be coming in the country in the coming few weeks. The President emphasises that vaccination is being done free of charge.

-Wearing of face masks and sanitisation remain mandatory
-Curfew from  10 pm to 5:30
-Letters no longer required
-Industry according to open to WHO standards
-Supermarkets to remain open up to 7pm
-SMEs food markets to open
-Schools must prepare to open in accordance with WHO and national Covid19 guidelines
-Restaurants can open for takeaways
-Bars, night clubs, gyms remain closed
-Intercity travel to resume



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