Julius Malema eats a humble pie

The EFF leader Julius Malema was left with egg shells in his face after realising that he backed a dead horse. Malema did not do a fact finding enquiry before he issued puke on Zimbabwe.

Julius Malema did not read through the article by George Shire stating facts about Hopewell Chin’ono if he had read through it he would be retreating in his cuckoo.

George Shire in his article Simple Facts made perfect sense which Malema need to see. If one understands who is Hopewell Chin’ono then this whole issue will make sense.

Hopewell Rugoho-Chin’ono is a Harvard University-trained Zimbabwean journalist. He has won numerous awards in journalism and has worked in both print and broadcasting journalism. He is currently employed by the ITV

Hopewell wrote an article against Robert Mugabe which made him a darling of the USA and became the USA government contact point on Zimbabwe. He embraced the YSA foreign policy on Zimbabwe and Chin’ono’s writings assisted the USA to make decisions on Zimbabwe.

Hopewell’s rise to fame, which earned him accolades and his ‘made in the US’ point of self identification came about from writing crap about Robert Mugabe to the satisfaction of the Western gaze on Zimbabwe.

The decisions to sanction Zimbabwe by the USA largely was based on the articles by Chin’ono. The label ‘international repute’ is about how hope made negative opinion that and nothing more. He is America”s reputed point of contact and his opinion on Zimbabwe and it leaders has been given more weight by the Americans.

He is not A journalist  who covers‘international news’ in the true meaning of ‘international’.  He is an opinion writer but doing it for one particular country which is the USA. This is the reason why Hopewell is made an instant hero by America and the more reason why it is America which is pushing other countries to act against Zimbabwe.

In other words, Chin’ono manages to attract world class attention even if he is silent. George Shire made a very important observation when he said “Hopewell’s output is ‘Harare News’ and Harare is not Zimbabwe, the continent, let alone international. My political beef with him is with his enthusiasm for American foreign policy on Zimbabwe.”

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