Home Affairs departments to be capacitated with latest technology

THE Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage will soon implement an integrated system that will see the police and immigration department being capacitated with the latest technology to curb corruption in the country.

Speaking after a tour of police bases in Bulawayo this Friday, the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Kazembe Kazembe said the uptake of technology in the police and immigration services will enhance government institutions’ capacity to flush out corruption.

“Criminality has become complex and sophisticated given that the perpetrators are harnessing technological advancement to enhance their criminal activities,” he said.

“We are thus, mindful of the need to capacitate the Zimbabwe Republic Police with technologically aided crime prevention, detection and investigation equipment in order for the organization to keep abreast of criminal sophistry. We want a situation where when someone comes in the country, the immigration department can detect that the person is a wanted person.”

Minister Kazembe also challenged the media to highlight the good work being done by the government in promoting the livelihoods of the generality of the population.

“Before we talk about the bad stuff Zimbabwe police are doing, people should compare Zimbabwe police with police from other countries. The same people who are acting as class monitors, prefects in this country are also having issues in their countries. Police there are killing people but they are busy pointing fingers at unfound things in Zimbabwe.

“People should stop recycling old footage from the old dispensation. When people are abducted or killed, let the police do their work rather than pointing fingers at them.”

Minister Kazembe assured the police service that the government will continue to be seized with the need to mobilize resources in order to enhance police operations and the welfare of the members.


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