A 29-YEAR-OLD gospel artiste has sensationally claimed she quit her faith and gospel to satisfy the desires of her flesh.

Evidence Jiri confessed dating married men including several men of cloth and musicians during her gospel music career when she released two albums namely Ngandikundi in 2008 and Ndirwirei Jesu in 2010.


Jiri, who has turned to sex work, made headlines when she clashed with Mathias Mhere over his song Favour claiming that she was the one who penned it but delayed releasing it.

“I am a musician and will remain a musician but I am no longer iChihurento gospel music because I have smeared my garments with fornication and adultery,” said Jiri.


“Music is within my veins and the same veins have dirty blood of sinning and this forced me to dump gospel music and turn to Afro-fusion.

“One of my songs I released soon after dumping gospel music is  Hachisekanwi and I penned this following stigma I suffered overturning to sex work.


“To be honest with you I bedded several married men, some musicians and even some men of cloth while singing gospel in the name of support.


“Chivi chinosvika pakukura munyama zvekuti unoremerwa kuimba zva Mwari saka ndakarega ndakanga ndazara nekuipa.



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