Elderly woman forced to surrender family house

THERE was drama in Mbare, Harare, last Friday when residents united against grandchildren believed to have forced a 90-year-old woman to sell her family house.

Residents blocked a hired vehicle meant to ferry the elderly woman Tambudzai Muzanenhamo from 48 3rd Street and called her children to save her.

A fight between one of the grandchildren Josephine Matanhire and Tsitsi Ambrose ensued drawing a crowd and people captured some videos and photographs.

Police attended the scene and the families were led to a City of Harare Remembrance House where it was established that Gogo Muzanenhamo had sold the house to a local businessman Kutyauripo Utete sometime last year without proper procedure pertaining to deceased’s estate.

“We discovered that Gogo Muzanenhamo was being ferried to a village after she was forced to sign documents at her old age by one of her grandchildren,” said one of the residents.

“We are strongly suspecting that there is something criminal at offices that deals with selling and exchanging of names of house owners.

“We are appealing to relevant authorities to look into issues concerning elderly people being forced to sign documents at their old age in a way to take their houses,” added the resident.

Muzanenhamo’s husband Takaendesa Ambrose died in 1992 leaving her wife and children at the house and reports were that the deceased’s estate according to law was not followed.

Efforts to get comment from Utete were fruitless by the time of going to print.


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