Editorial Comment: Bishops’ unsaintly letter taints pulpit


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BY now it is beyond debate that the country is yet again the target of a sustained attack from many angles, not least the Church, which is supposed to be apolitical.

Thus, it came as no surprise when the Catholic Church, fronted by one Bishop Christopher Ndlovu, and itself a torchbearer of imperialism and neocolonialism waded into the non-existent debate of a non-existent crisis in Zimbabwe.

Of course, while it is debatable on whether the church can be completely apolitical, there is, however,  the danger of the church overstepping its mandate by crossing the line between political activism and evangelism.

The Catholic Church, or rather, some within the Catholic Church as is indeed contained in the so-called pastoral letter, have now taken a political position siding with certain oppositional forces that are on a renewed agenda to cast aspersions in the path of the Second Republic and indeed Zimbabwe as a whole.

So we have to identify the Catholic Church in that prism, by trying to assume a higher moral ground, the Church is yet again trying to use soft power to cause a change of Government in Zimbabwe. With the agenda to cause regime change now assuming multiple forms, the Church has been roped in to push this nefarious agenda whose authors are in Western capitals and have been, since the beginning of the year, crafting ways of inflicting harm on the Second Republic, derail its re-engagement efforts and stymie its economic plans.

These so-called bishops, and their lackeys in other church organisations such as the Zimbabwe Council of Churches should choose between being shepherds and repositories of moral teachings to Zimbabweans who by large are Christians or join the political fray along with their oppositional handlers.

The church should not hide behind the bible to pursue selfish and self-serving political machinations. The political position taken by the Catholic Church and other churches that are sponsoring a regime change should be regarded as a declaration of war on Zimbabweans who are working hard to play catch up even after years of suffering from unjustified sanctions.

The bishops should not claim to be apolitical during the day and yet at night hobnob with supremacists who are burning the midnight oil to effect an illegal regime change in Zimbabwe.

They cannot have their cake and eat it, they have to take a position openly and not hide behind the pulpit to construct some transitional government. These are the same churches that have called for the suspension of elections, an affront to democracy which exposes them as real hypocrites.

The Church wants to stir up emotions and split the unitary state that is Zimbabwe through garbage sermons, clothed as pastoral letters.

Their position was proved in the so-called pastoral letter which tried to whip up tribal sentiments through invoking issues that have been ironed out by the Zanu PF Government as far back as in 1987, the pastoral letter reeked genocidal intentions that are regrettably being authored by the people who are supposed to feed people’s souls and provide the torch during difficult times.

Now, where will people turn to when the Church has chosen to be an agent of regime change, the pastors’ evil intentions are crystallised by their reference to a statement by the late American civil rights activists the letter John Robert Lewis “that the march is not yet over”, itself a naked attempt to continue with subversive attempts to remove the Government by way of protests on July 31?

It is not clear whether the Vatican subscribe to this evil nonsense that is coming from the local clergy, but what is clear is that the powerful forces that have never forgiven Zimbabwe for asserting its sovereignty are not resting and have recruited some men and women of cloth to up the anti-Zimbabwe sentiment.

This of course, just like social media campaigns, characterised by the roping in of foreign voices and political parties will come to naught because Zimbabweans have come of age and fully understand what is unfolding.

These brazen attempts by the Church, one of the richest in the world, bares the fact that the war on Zimbabwe has assumed an evil twist hidden behind the cross and the bible.

But as Malcom X put it rather sweetly and succinctly, Western capitals have kept “our eyes fixed on the pie in the sky and heaven in the hereafter while he enjoys his heaven right here on this earth in his life”.

Zimbabwe is being punished for daring to dream, for giving its people the means to production, which is land, its efforts to re-engage are treated with disdain because of the realisation by the wicked nation that soon, this giant that is Zimbabwe will soon rise and be a region economic powerhouse.

Some of the countries that are harping so much about Zimbabwe find themselves with meaningless political freedom, while the unrepentant coloniser keeps his evil foot on their throat. Down there, they live on the economic fringes, with nothing but fake freedoms.

The success of the land reform programme, which was recently  brought to finality by President Mnangagwa is a threat to Uncle Sam and multilateral companies, in their fear, they have roped the church to harp about non-existent human rights violations, they seek to cause tensions where there are none.

Evil sanctions that Western countries imposed on Zimbabwe after being stung by the land reform programme still subsist and the general person is still bearing the brunt of these illegal sanctions that have bled Zimbabwe of billions of dollars in potential investment, yet the so-called pastors are dead silent, they haven’t raised a finger because they subscribe to the evil machinations.


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