Diary of recovering patient

I started feeling unwell on July 17 after giving a lift to a colleague who was sick.

From that Friday, I had headaches, my joints were painful and I started feeling cold and that headache persisted.

On Sunday, July 19, I decided to visit a doctor.

The doctor suspected food poisoning.

He gave me some antibiotics for the stomach. I could not eat, I had lost appetite and food became tasteless for me.

A week later, on Friday July 24, I went back to see another doctor, who immediately suspected that I could have contracted Covid-19.

My body temperature was too high. It was about 39 degrees. He took me into the treatment room and had to put oral medication through the cannula.

That helped me a lot because my body temperature dropped.  He recommended that I get tested. So he prescribed seven tests, including a Covid-19 test.

My family took me to West End Clinic, but they refused to attend to me saying they wanted to see Covid-19 results first.

The laboratory said I could only get the results within 24 hours. I had to go to a private laboratory and it cost me US$60 for the Covid-19 test only.

Results came out positive.

I accepted the outcome.

My family and friends came together and started assisting me.

They decided that it was better to keep me at home.

I have been taking ibuprofen, paracetamol, lemons, garlic and ginger, among many other concoctions I cannot tell you off-hand. Currently, I am still isolating.

My wife only comes in to bring food and disinfect the room.

I communicate with my family through the window. My health has improved a lot.

As of today, I can actually go out, take a stroll, come back and then rest without any problems.

I can now spend about two to three hours outside without any challenges, even though I sometimes feel dizzy.

Basically, I feel very strong with all the support I am getting from my family.

As for the health fraternity, I have not seen anyone coming to check on me, even on my family, who are my contacts. Maybe one day they will come. Otherwise only my son, who is a doctor, has made regular checks on me.

So I think I am happy about my condition because I am managing now.

Diary of recovering patient


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