COVID-19: UK records another 33,470 coronavirus cases – the highest daily figure to date

Another 33,470 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 24 hours – the highest figure recorded since the pandemic began, according to government figures.

On Wednesday, 22,950 people tested positive, while the number of UK deaths since the start of the pandemic surpassed 50,000.

The number of deaths today have not yet been released.

However, yesterday, a further 595 deaths were announced – the highest number since 12 May – bringing the country’s total to 50,365.

The UK now has the highest number of recorded deaths in the European Union.

The tragic stories of coronavirus deaths in the UK have included the oldest known victim, 108-year-old Hilda Churchill who had survived the Spanish flu pandemic, and the youngest victim; a 13-day-old baby.

Meanwhile, the latest figures from Test and Trace show the service only reached 60.4% of contacts of people who tested positive for coronavirus in the week ending 4 November.



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