Chinhoyi High school closed

Chinhoyi High School has been closed with immediate effect, for non-examination classes, as the number of Covid-19 cases has risen to 58 students.

For the exam classes, candidates will be grouped such that those Covid-19 positive and negative will write examinations in separate rooms.

While the school has been cordoned off to outside learners, examination candidates will be allowed to enter the school’s premises but under strict and rigorous monitoring from health officials.

Provincial Medical Superintendent Dr Gift Masoja told H-Metro that measures had been put to prevent further infections.

“We have already put measures in terms of IPC (Infection Prevention and control) of Covid-19.

“It’s true that as of yesterday the numbers had increased to 58.

“As part of the IPC, no one is allowed in and out of the school,” said Masoja

He added:

“We are going to make arrangements so that all those who tested positive are put in one hostel.

“In terms of examination writing, all positive cases would write in one class while those who tested negative would be in their separate classroom.”

Dr Masoja added:

“At the moment I don’t know if they have finished doing the tests but we are still conducting the testing,” he said.

Chinhoyi Municipality Director of Health, Dr William Mayabo told H-Metro that they had put some mechanisms in place to make sure that the community is protected.

“We now have six detainees at the clinic.

“We have a student from Chinhoyi high school and five others.

“We want to assure the residents that the Council and the ministry of health are doing everything to make sure that the community is safe and protected,” said Mayabo.



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