California becomes first state to surpass 600,000 Covid-19 cases


    Hilary Porterfield on CNN's "New Day" on August 14.
    Hilary Porterfield on CNN’s “New Day” on August 14. CNN

    In Georgia’s Cherokee County School District, more than 1,000 students, teachers and staff members are under quarantine after Covid-19 cases were reported.

    Hilary Porterfield, a parent of a high school student in the district, was told her daughter may have been exposed to the virus — six days after the potential exposure.

    “It was terrifying. It was my worst fears…come true,” she said on CNN’s “New Day.”

    Porterfield said that masks are encouraged but not mandated and there is an ineffective amount of contact tracing. In addition, her daughter said there were seating charts for classes, but students weren’t following it.  

    Porterfield said there was an email recently from the superintendent outlining how masks stop the spread of coronavirus. “However, he still has yet to mandate that mask requirement,” she said.

    “I think he just doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong, that he opened the schools with unsafe measures,” she said. 

    She is not “absolutely not” confident that proper safety measures will be taken to ensure there are no other future outbreaks once school is back to in-person classes. 



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