Broke hubby angered by lobola negotiations

Hello amai, I hope you are keeping safe. I am a 24-year-old woman. My husband paid lobola at the beginning of this year. The total amount he brought was $2 000 and it fell very short of what my people asked for.

My father and his team are saying I am not married yet because he did not pay anything towards rusambo (bride price). The condition they put was that he could come to visit me at our place and I can do likewise kumba kwavo, but we cannot stay together like man and wife. My partner is very cross about this.

He struggled to save the amount he brought. He is not coming to visit since the day he paid part of the lobola.

I have gone to their place several times and it seems his family is not happy too. I love him so much but now I feel as if I am losing him.

I spoke to my tete and she advised me to consider eloping. I am scared to do that because my father warned me against it because he is one of the elders in his church.
Amai, would it be a bad idea if I gave him some money from my savings secretly? I will make sure he pays it back. I wish my parents had not demanded a lot of groceries on the day because that’s where the bulk of the money went.
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