Apostle Kudita confers hope to the nation

The coronavirus pandemic is baffling and terrifying for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Today, many around the world are sick and many others have died. Unless the situation changes dramatically, many more will fall ill and die, this is a real crisis which raises serious medical, ethical and logistical questions. Above all, it raises additional questions for people of faith.

In his inaugural, all-night radio broadcast on ZBC Power FM and Classic 263 this morning, Apostle Kudita assured the nation of Zimbabwe that the COVID-19 pandemic is “just a phase and one day will disappear”.

The charismatic preacher called on Christians across Zimbabwe to pray for those who are feeling lonely, those who are not well, and those who are separated from loved ones during this challenging time.

“Yes we are praying for all those people in the frontline, the nurses, the doctors, we are also praying for those working in the supermarkets, anyone who is going to work at such a time like this, our prayers are with you, May God protect you, may God be with you”

Apostle Kudita reiterated that these are indeed warning signs of the end times already unfolding before our very own eyes. Citing from Matthew 24 verse 42 which says “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come”, Apostle Kudita said there are already events that are showing us that these are the end times and the nation should take heed.

As the world creaks in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, Apostle Kudita believes that hope is all the nation has right now. He went on to assure the nation of Zimbabwe that God does not abandon us; that God is with us, even now in this time of trial and testing.

He said at this moment, it is important for us to anchor our hearts in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. “Now is the time to intensify our prayers and sacrifices for the love of God and the love of our neighbour”, he said

Apostle Kudita also encouraged Zimbabweans not to forget the poor, the needy, and the vulnerable, especially those who do not have access to adequate health care.


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