‘Amuli after Moana’s cars’

The late Michelle Moana Amuli’s mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga finally broke her silence yesterday when she spoke to journalists at Parirenyatwa Hospital after Moana’s father disappeared with the burial order.

Ishmael Amuli, Moana’s father, and Kuvawonga have been at loggerheads over control of the funeral since Moana’s death on Sunday, 8 November 2020.

Kuvawonga claims Amuli is only interested in Moana’s wealth, especially her cars.

“Kubva pakafa mwana, vanga vachingondibvunza kuti zvinhu zvemwana zvirikupi? Zvinhu zvemwana, mwana afa here, chimirai tivige mwana tokuudzai.

“Vakabva varamwa, vakabva panhamo vakati sara uchiviga. Vakanyepa vakati ndati mwana haasi wavo,” she said.

She says after that she was left to handle all the funeral expenses on her own adding that Amuli was disappointed to learn that it was only the mother who was needed for the DNA test.

“I got the results and yesterday when I came to get the burial order, I found him there claiming I want to steal the body, but ndivo vanga vakaramwa. The police told us neither of us can get the burial order without the other’s consent and he pretended to cooperate but shifted goalposts once he got his hands on the burial order.”

The two mainly clashed on religious grounds with Amuli wanting to bury Moana the Muslim way whilst Kuvawonga prefers Christian burial.

“I paid everything for the funeral and he is lying to say there is no money, ndivo vakuda kutotsvaga mari kune vanhu.”

“soon after he got hold of the burial order, he started changing everything. He started saying Moana’s body must remain at Parirenyatwa following which they will take her to their Muslim church and from there straight to burial.

“But we had agreed to get our daughter, take her to Doves where her coffin awaits, take her home, even for two hours before her burial. They had agreed to all this just to lure me into signing for the burial order. Once they had it in their hands, they changed everything. So this is why I have broken my silence.

“Even his statements on TV do no measure up. First he said he had disowned Moana, she had become an ‘animal’ . . . he likes things, he claimed she had divorced a man who had bought her a car – what is a car versus the child’s life?

“He was also on record saying he wants nothing to do with the funeral but now comes here accusing us of wanting to steal the body. Maybe he is being influenced by his wife,” fumed Kuvawonga who was trying to have the burial order cancelled.


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