A chat with God’s caller

FAST-RISING Zimdancehall chanter Jah Master (real name Rodney Mashandure), who has taken the music industry by storm with his latest offering Hello Mwari, said he drew his inspiration from the burning desire to urge people to have a close relationship with God. The song Hello Mwari has become almost like national anthem within a short space of time after its release.

The song, which premiered on YouTube on August 3, has garnered 876 860 views as many fans seem to have fallen in love with his unique style of music. God’s caller speaks to NewsDay Life & Style…

Music Journey
I started music when I was still very young after I realised I was really talented, I would even sing in the church. Last year was my year and that’s when I became very popular and people from all around the world started appreciating my talent. Since last year, I have proven my talent to the world, I have performed at various functions, shows. Now I am the man of the moment, thanks to my fans who have been with me all the way, thanks for the support.

I attained a Zimdancehall award for Best Upcoming Artiste for the year 2019 and I am a proud owner of an Altezza and a (residential) stand in Chitungwiza, and this I achieved through my career.

I am working on a new singles collection called Chicomedy Nengoma.

When you become popular, many promoters will show up and most of them will be fake with empty promises and that has stood as the greatest stumbling block not only to me, but I think to various artistes in the country. I just hope that one day those promoters will stand by their words and that way we can help each other grow the industry.

Away from music
Besides music, I am an electrician by profession.

Working with Fantan and Levels is awesome, one of the best experiences in this line of work. They really help in all areas as they strive to build various artistes’ dreams and making sure that the genre remains on top.

It’s a really tough situation because we earn money from mainly live shows and now that shows are no longer happening, it has really affected us in that sense. We really rely on live shows to earn money to cater for the family.

I have done collaborations with Soul Jah Love, Baba Harare and Chigudo.

Financial rewards
Because music is my career, everything I have came from music and it is through music that I managed to buy my Altezza and also the stand.

I am aiming to reach international level to be recognised in every country.


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