4 amazing facts about s*x you’ll wish you knew earlier

In the interest of keeping you totally informed about s*x, love, attraction, and s*xual health, we’re sharing some of the most who knew? s*x facts we’ve ever come across. Use these bits of s*xual info to boost your bedroom knowledge and pleasure

1. The average sex session goes for 100 to 500 thrusts

Ever been in the middle of a booty session and thought, Hmm, I wonder how many thrusts that was? Yeah, neither have we. But apparently, someone has, because researchers took the time to calculate that intercourse typically lasts 100 to 500 thrusts, according to a report in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

So if that’s how long sex lasts in thrusts, how long does it go for in, well, minutes? A 2017 survey of 3,836 people conducted by UK-based dating website SauceyDates.com found that couples in the United States stay in the game for about 17 minutes and 5 seconds. (That’s just intercourse, not foreplay.) It might seem strange to time how long you last between the sheets, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see how you stack up!

2. You can orgasm in your sleep

Believe it or not, you don’t even have to be conscious to hit that high note. “Some women can have an orgasm during an erotic dream while sleeping,” ob-gyn Sherry Ross, MD previously told HealthHow’s that? Even though no physical stimulation is going on, blood flow to the genitals during a sexy dream can still increase like it does during actual sex—and that boost in blood flow can lead to orgasm.

You’re also in a state of deep relaxation when you’re in dreamland, and with no anxiety or stress interfering with the action, it’s easier to reach that big O. “Orgasm exists in our minds just as much as it does in the clitoris or any other part of our bodies,” Holly Richmond, Ph.D., somatic psychologist, and certified sex therapist, previously told Health.

3. The female orgasm lasts three times longer than the male orgasm

What can we say, women have some pretty serious orgasmic advantages in the bedroom. First of all, the typical female orgasm lasts about 20 seconds, Michael Reitano, MD, the physician in residence at men’s health company Roman, previously told Health. That’s more than three times longer than the male experience, which clocks in at just six seconds. Women also have the upper hand when it comes to being able to have multiple orgasms and G-spot orgasms. Ah, it’s great to be a woman!

4. The clitoris is basically a tiny penis

When you’re just a little embryo, the clitoris actually develops from the same tissue as the penis. “We all have the same parts, it just depends on what hormones we have in our bodies that influence male versus female part development,” Natalya Lopushnyan, MD, urologist at Greater Boston Urology, previously told HealthWhen testosterone is released in a male embryo, that sexual tissue grows to become a penis. Without testosterone, that same tissue forms the clitoris.

The tip of the clitoris shows some resemblance to the tip of the penis; they’re both super sensitive and function in a similar way. “When a woman gets excited, the clitoris becomes larger and gets filled with blood,” Lopushnyan said.


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